‘Alien card’ lawsuit

Japan‑born ethnic minorities are legally called ‘alien’ by ‘Alien Registration Law’, a real Japan’s law. Japan‑born ‘aliens’ in Japan must carry ‘an alien card’ anywhere anytime.

Suruga Bank denied minorities a bank account if they do not present ‘an alien card.’ Even if minorities show a driver’s licence, Suruga Bank rejected a bank account.

‘Alien Registration Law’ says, ‘The alien shall present his registration certificate to the Immigration Inspector, Immigration Control Officer (meaning the Immigration Control Officer provided for in the Immigration Control Act), Police Official, Maritime Safety Official or any other official of the state or local public entity prescribed by the Ministry of Justice Ordinance, if such official requests the presentation of the registration certificate in the performance of his duties.’ Suruga Bank is not an ‘Immigration Inspector’ or ‘Police Official.’

VAIBS sued Suruga Bank over its ‘Alien Card’ policies and practices. ‘Alien Card’ lawsuit against SURUGA Bank charges racial/ethnic/national discrimninatiton. The case number is HEISEI 19(RE)467 in Tokyo District Court. You can read the court paper in Tokyo District Court. The next court trial is set for September 2008.

about VAIBS and discrimination lawsuits in Japan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discrimination_lawsuits_and_incidents_in_Japan


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