Racial segregation in SURUGA Bank

SURUGA Bank did not open a bank account because minorities did not show an “alien card” for ID, even if minorities submit a driver’s license. The discriminatory bank forced minorities into a minority-only ID requirement. There were separate ID requirements in SURUGA Bank. Although Banking Identification Act in Japan does not separate minorities from Japanese citizens, SURUGA Bank divided them for no reason. It was not until February 2007 that things began to change. An organization named VAIBS, Victims Against Illegal Bank SURUGA, began to rally for equal rights for minorities in Japan. VAIBS protested at the way they were treated. After VAIBS sued SURUGA Bank, the illegal bank suspended its dividing policy. VAIBS forced SURUGA Bank to integrate minorities and citizens in Japan, making SURUGA Bank the last bank to have minority-only ID requirement.


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