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We Call On Suruga Bank To Stop Refusing Bank Accounts On The Basis Of Ethnicity

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VAIBS filed a lawsuit demanding Suruga Bank to end the practice of refusing savings accounts to minorities on the basis of their ethnicity. In the lawsuit, VAIBS (Victims Against Illegal Bank Suruga) called on the discriminatory bank to put an end to the arbitrary policy and practice of “ethnic exclusion.” Ethnic exclusion is ineffective as a matter of security policy and inconsistent with Personal Information Protection Act and bank laws. Banks should identify applicants for deposit accounts on the basis of their ID rather than their ethnicity. VAIBS has brought lawsuits to challenge the exclusion of ethnic minorities in Japan. The challenge to minorities exclusion forced the illegal bank to end its exclusion policy and practice.


Suruga Bank divided us.

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We are a nation of a majority and minorities. We are shaped by every culture, not a single ethnicity. And because Japan have tasted the bitter swill of militarism and fascism, and emerged from that dark chapter, we can not help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; and that VAIBS must play its role in ushering in a new era of equality. To Suruga Bank, we seek responsibility, based on justice and equality. To the illegal bank, who seeks to segregate, or discriminate against, know that our people will judge you on what you can integrate, not what you divide. To the discriminatory bank, who seeks to advance its aims by misusing personal information and denying minorities, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken–you cannot outlast us.

Shameful Suruga Bank

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Suruga Bank’s decision to set up a blatantly racist requirement for a bank account is absolutely unacceptable, especially given the historic racist stereotypes of minorities as being synonymous with suspects and criminals. Lower court judge Shogo Okazaki (岡崎昌吾) wrongfully wrote about banking crimes by minorities and immigrants.

Join us in demanding that Suruga Bank and all those involved in the decision to make a discriminatory policy apologize unequivocally. Suruga Bank needs to know that there is no room for this kind of insensitivity and divisiveness — it distracts us from the real work that we need to do to foster an era of change, collaboration, and acceptance of all people.

Suruga Bank’s divisive policy

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Suruga Bank case represents the tragedy of what happens when a bank does not know how to administer the law. Here the consequence was devastating – not only did a bank take away these minority’s constitutional rights in a humiliating way, but the bank robbed them of the access to a bank account. After the lawsuit, the illegal bank was forced to repeal the divisive policy. We are confident this egregious kind of division does not happen again.