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Applicant Disfranchisement in Suruga Bank

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Suruga Bank illegally disfranchised only minorities  who were refused deposit accounts while forced to show unnecessary documents. The legal residents were barred from receiving accounts because of the illegal bank’s arbitrary policy.


Suruga Bank’s Data Mining And Collection Programs Threaten Privacy Of Innocent Minorities

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Suruga Bank has collected many records from private sources for a massive data mining operation, according to its illegal policy. The records collected by the lawless bank include sensitive information from customers’ drivers license,  such as ethnic background and place of birth.

Once again, the illegitimate bank has been found to be using invasive  tools to collect personal information about innocent residents. It also appears that the illicit bank has continued its habit of gathering bulk amounts of personal information with little or no oversight.

The banking law prohibits banks from collecting irrelevant information from customers.

Suruga Bank’s Culture of Corruption

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The method of targeting minorities about a savings account in Suruga Bank is discriminatory. Suruga Bank’s double standard based on ethnic  background violated the Personal Information Protection Act. Every resident has the right to a savings account in a bank without forced unnecessary ID submission. Unfortunately, racially polarized ID requirement is still a major problem in Suruga Bank. The illegal bank’s procedure can severely hinder effective minority application.

Fighting against Discrimination by Suruga Bank

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After Victims Against Illegal Bank Suruga (VAIBS) successfully sued to force Suruga Bank to abolish the discriminatory policy,  it seemed that no bank hold double standard against minorities.

Following the personal information protection act, only Suruga Bank  has engaged in a pattern of harassment of ethnic minorities, singling out them through stealing sensitive information from a driver’s license.

The illegal bank repeatedly tried to deny a savings  account, citing them with the false policy, illegally searching minorities ID,  and repeatedly demanding unnecessary identification.

Suruga Bank Tackles Accountability for Double Standard.

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“Jack, you want to prosecute a member of Suruga Bank for stealing sensitive information of minorities?”

“The word is ‘stealing.’ And yes — it’s about time somebody did.”

In real life, there has yet to be an investigation into the high-level authorization of double standard, a crime that has targeted minorities and stained the reputation of Suruga Bank.

Suruga Bank gathered info based on ethnicity

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Suruga Bank continued to gather sensitive information unlawfully for opening a deposit account without applicant’s consent.  It remains deeply troubling that the illegal bank continued to maintain a double standard in which minorities are suspected indefinitely without reason.

Suruga Bank’s ethnic discrimination policy

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Victims Against Illegal Bank Suruga (VAIBS)  joined a broad coalition of civil rights organizations in signing a letter urging Suruga Bank to withdraw its ethnic discrimination policy approving of denying a savings account based on racial background.