Restore Fairness to the Suruga Bank’s Identification Policy

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Victims Against Illegal Bank Suruga (VAIBS) is part of a national campaign asking our government to restore fairness and due process to the broken identification policy in Suruga Bank.

The court paper submitted by the illegal bank showed it obtained ethnic background information from driver’s license, after the bank denied the acquisition.

After we filed a request to the Financial Services Agency seeking equality of identification between majority and minority, the illicit bank was forced to abolish the policy.


Suruga Bank Isn’t Above the Law

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Or at least it shouldn’t be.  In April, Tokyo District Court Judge Nobuhiro Katada dismissed our case on “standing” grounds, ruling that the bank has  the right to acquire ethnic background information.

But here’s the rub: the bank conducts ethnic surveillance under the policy in secret, and it’s obligated to notify the people it has monitored. So it’s possible no one could ever show with any certainty that they’ve been monitored. It’s banned to obtain ethnic background under the banking laws.

Fighting for Sunlight on Suruga Bank’s Secret Documents

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Last year, I was in court seeking the release of secret Suruga Bank documents related to the treatment of minorities in Japan. Specifically, I asked the court to order the release of the bank’s secret policy regarding ethnic background in driver’s license unauthorized for use by the FSA, Financial Services Agency.

Unfortunately, a Tokyo District Court judge  Nobuhiro Katada ruled that the documents can be kept secret, and that he would defer to the bank to decide what information could be used from the public.

Time and time again, a lower court judge Shougo Okazaki has cited minorities crimes wrongfully in an effort to keep Suruga Bank’ illegal policy secret. That argument has little merit because of the wrong premise.  The still-secret policy is critical to filling in the gaps and informing the ongoing debate about Suruga Bank’s crimes. The Japanese public has a right to know about the abuse committed in its name.

Suruga Bank singled out minorities and treated differently.

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Minorities are singled out by Suruga Bank for mistreatment even though laws prohibit such behavior. Etnic minorities in Japan were shut out of bank accounts by Suruga Bank. Government officials are reluctant to examine how the illegal bank treats minorities.

Suruga Bank continued to steal sensitive information

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Under the statute, banks cannot get or use sensitive personal information, such as ethnic background and birthplace when customers apply for a deposit account. The banking laws and the Personal Information Protection Act bar them from gathering or viewing sensitive information about clients. Only Suruga Bank broke the laws, and continued to steal personal info and unconstitutionally force minorities to submit irrelevant information.

Suruga Bank’s Minority Abuse

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Suruga Bank must recognize the  identity theft occurring during opening a deposit account as minority abuse and an international humanitarian crisis and respond with reforms that make human life a priority. It is found that minority abuse  has increased only in Suruga Bank with no other banks unauthorized gathering irrelevant information.

Applicant Disfranchisement in Suruga Bank

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Suruga Bank illegally disfranchised only minorities  who were refused deposit accounts while forced to show unnecessary documents. The legal residents were barred from receiving accounts because of the illegal bank’s arbitrary policy.